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Where’s The Love?

In the last reading of Open Sky, it talked about the problems of people and cyber sex and sexual perversion on the internet.  That is a widely discussed issue in this world today because technology and the internet is improving and people are able to do more things over the web.

I believe that it is messed up that people get so into the things they do on the internet that they become addicted to all the things internet has to offer.  Some people tend to live their lives basically in another dimension on the internet whether it is porn, Facebook, video games, etc.  The problem with all of this is that all those people lack the face to face social interaction which is way different than interacting on the internet.  People cannot have a healthy social life by living through technology.  That is why people have to ask the question ‘Where is the love?’ when they are carrying out cyber sex on the internet with someone they do not even know.  People are missing out on the true meaning of love when they are too busy lusting after strangers on a computer screen.  Technology has really taken away the natural socialization that people need to have in their lives to be socially healthy.

Open Sky Response

From the reading that I have gone through so far in Open Sky, it seems as if technology and digital media are taking over the world.  When you look at the rapid rise of technology from thirty or forty years ago, it is almost scary how fast technology is evolving and makes you wonder how things will be thirty or forty years from now in the future.  I can think of instances in the past in my life where the lack of present day technology kept me from doing things that I can do now.  For example, getting on the internet on my phone.  In high school, I thought only rich people could afford the new internet connection deals you could get on your cell phone.  Back then, I could not look up phone numbers of companies on my phone, look at the weather, or use a GPS to drive somewhere.  That is just one example of how technology in the past held me back and probably many others like me too.  The vibe I got from this reading is that it is a bad thing that technology is pretty much taking over the world.  I believe that it is holding us back from the outside world.  People now a days are too caught up in their ipads and high tech cell phones that people are missing out with normal socialization in the world.

My question is that as the technology improves and evolves, will people continue to exclude themselves from the outside world and get too caught up in the digital media?

Making a Website…pshh…EASY

This reading by Redish about how to make a good website was probably the easiest reading I have done since high school.  All the little rules Redish pointed out that one has to follow when forming a website makes perfect sense.  All you have to remember is The 7 Steps:

1. List major audiences

2. Gather information about audiences

3. List major characteristics for each audiences

4. Gather audiences’ questions, tasks, and stories

5. Use information to create you own personas

6. Include persona’s goals and tasks

7. Use info to write scenarios

All those steps right there you should already know and be familiar with if you are making a website about you and things you know about.  I can see how following those steps would take a little more work if you are not an expert on what your website is about.

I learned that the audience is always #1 in making a website.  Every little thing about the website is made for the benefit of the audience.  The site should be as organized as possible, easy to navigate, while still being creative and eye-catching.  I like the idea of a tag line also; one that is short, catchy, and is shown at the top of the homepage.  I think that it is very important for websites to have a search bar in a proper place.  It is also important to have a contact link and maybe a questionnaire that users could give their ideas and opinions on how the website could be improved.  The only thing that you have to remember is your audience is #1.  If you can remember that, the website will be a success for your users.

The only question I have worth discussing is How can someone go about advertising for their website to get it out to people and put to use?

Citizen Journalism

I would like to start off by sharing with you what was very interesting to me.  The reading had a quote by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosentiel that basically explained why people crave news:

“people need to know what’s going on over the next hill, to be aware of events beyond their direct experience.  Knowledge of the unknown gives them security; it allows them to plan and negotiate their lives.  Exchanging this information becomes the basis for creating a community.” – Bill Kovach & Tom Rosenstiel

This interesting to me because I did not know why people needed media.  I did not know that it is so important to everybody even if we recognize it or not.

This chapter of Brian Carroll’s text talked about the difference between citizen journalists and professional journalists and described how they interact with each other to provide us with the media we have today.  Journalists are people who gather and share information. Professional journalists are ones that are accountable for what they publish unlike myself where I could write anything I want in this blog. Journalists nowadays are not just writers but content producers as they have to know how to publish video, slideshows, podcasts, and all sorts of things on the internet.  There are many instances where professional journalists need information from events where it is impossible to be at the time like Hurricane Katrina and the London bus bombings.  They rely on citizens who are there that are tweeting and facebooking pictures and descriptions of what is going on so that big media companies can produce mass media to everybody.

I got my discussion question from Carroll’s text which I thought was a great one and has left me thinking.  Is citizen journalism leading to a decline in traditional news media like television and news papers?  Or could it help improve traditional news media?

Aesthetics of Editing

Editing is an art.  Editing takes a lot of time, preperation, and organizing as I have found out myself from previous school projects.  So many things come into play that will determine the impact your film will have on others.  That is why you need to know exactly how to edit a film to get your point across the way you want it.

Image and sound, shot order, shot relationship, time, and rythym and pacing are all things that one should keep in mind when editing a video.  But probably the most important thing here would have to be time.  Time is very important in editing because everything that is published always has to fit a time slot whether it be commercials, movies, or broadcasting.  Manipulating time is the most important thing and always has to be considered in video editing.

This past May, for my may X yoga class, I had to put together a documentary that had to do with yoga and athletes.  The video had to be almost exactly six minutes long and after my first edit of everything, I had an eleven minute movie.  I found out the hard way that editing was a lot more difficult than I thought it was.  That project taught me a lot about making and editing videos in the most effective way to get your point across to an audience.  After that experience, I could really relate to a lot of what this reading said and it really made a lot of sense to me.